Spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania

Dec 20, 2023

What are some of the spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania you can use in everyday life?

Spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania. The first one you will likely use is the correct way to get in and out of bed. This technique should be used with and without the presence of lower back pain. In order to do this correctly it starts with the bracing of the core (feel like your bearing down contracting the abdominals). You will then roll to your side if you aren’t already on your side. You then while bracing the core walk yourself up into a seated position and then get up from that seated position trying to keep the core braced and the back straight. This is also how you get up out of a chair with the addition of using the arm rests to help push you up. Remember when you get up, brace the core and keep the back straight. Below is a picture taken from Craig Liebensons book, Rehabilitation of the spine.

Getting into bed is seen above A-B-C. Getting out of bed is just the opposite C-B-A.

Other spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania

There are other spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania that include proper ways to sit at a computer when working as well as the semi-traction position when experiencing lower back discomfort.

Spine sparing technique in Spotsylvania

Semi-traction position

This is the position that is best used when back pain is present. This position works with almost all lower back disorders and diagnoses. This position can be used when back pain is severe and movement is limited. It can be used until you are able to get into a specialist like a chiropractic orthopedist in Spotsylvania. This position offers relief by reducing disc pressure down to 35 pounds per square inch rather than 100 pounds per square inch when standing, and the worst which is sitting at 140 pounds per square inch. This position also gets the posterior joints of the spine into neutral. It will also eliminate the anterior pelvic tilt caused by the pull of the tight hip flexors which is necessary for temporary relief. B can be used at night to sleep properly at night without waking up with back pain in the middle of the night.

Ergonomically safe positioning when performing computer work

Below is another spine sparing strategy in Spotsylvania that can be used while performing your everyday computer work. Notice in the diagram that the feet are flat on the floor and the individual is sitting nice and tall with the computer monitor at eye level. The elbows are in proper position keeping the upper body from elevation, and the support at the elbow keeps the body from sagging. If the seated position does not allow for feet to be flat on the floor, then a stool may be necessary to create this positioning.

Computer ergonomics spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania

Proper positioning for computer work

Spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania sleeping in spinal neutral

In order to keep your spine in neutral through the night it is important to have the correct pillow for your preferred method of sleeping. below is a picture of someone creating spinal neutral when sleeping on their side. This positioning does not need a special pillow, special pillows may be necessary if sleeping on your back is your preferred sleeping position.

Notice that A is in the neutral position keeping the neck straight. The pillow is not too thick nor is it too thin. B illustrated the pillow that is too thin. You can see in this image that the neck falls too far into the pillow putting the neck in a compromised position creating a situation where ligaments of the neck are strained and micro damage to these structures for the entire night of sleep may create pain when arising in the morning. C is illustrating a pillow that is too thick creating the same strain on ligaments that was previously mentioned just on the opposite side. When we are not in neutral neck pain becomes more likely and without fixing this problem neck pain can become chronic.

Spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania

Proper neck positioning for sleep

Proper positioning for chronic back pain while sleeping

When sleeping on the back for the night it is important to keep the lower back supported by making sure we have a pillow under the knees when on our back and when on our side making sure BOTH knees are bent same degree and stacked on top of each other with a pillow between the knees.

spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania

Proper sleeping for spinal neutral in the back

Spine sparing strategies in Spotsylvania

Proper sleeping positions.

If you are suffering with any chronic pain get in today and let us help you understand your sleeping habits and how to change them to get you the restful sleep you deserve. At Stine Chiropractic Clinic, both of our providers are board certified chiropractic orthopedists.

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